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“The level of service at U-Knead-A Massage is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”

~U-Knead-A Massage Inc. Client

"I appreciate everyone's time making me feel like family every time I am there thanks a lot."

~Robert Luiz, Client

“Its more then a massage it's an experience!”

~Joanne, Client

"Kari made me feel heard. She listened to every detail I told her during intake and worked through each area of complaint with great detail. Absolutely amazing massage."
-Client, 2023

"Thai foot massage takes you to la la land. I only wish they had a magic carpet to ride out on so I wouldn't disturb my feet."

~Kevie 11/2014

"Minerva at U-Knead-A Massage has been my miracle worker for the past eight years. She is very knowledgeable about anatomy and physiology and has helped me through some hard times through massage and other hands-on manipulations. I have experienced over a dozen therapist over the years in many states and she is by far the best ever. She has helped my whole family--who also sing her praises. Every therapist here is wonderful. An excellent choice if you are looking for a massage therapist with more than the usual to offer. The Best Ever."

~Denise F 11/13/2015

"Nice clean relaxing and peaceful place. Very welcoming. Wish I lived here."

~Nadia 10/26/2016

"I've had many massages over my long life but in the last ten years I wouldn't go anywhere else. Even having body work done at the various retreat centers around the county and in other countries, I can't wait to get back to Minerva. She is very knowledgeable and intuitive. No need to look anywhere else."

~Denise Francis 10/29/2017

"I found this place on yelp while on vacation. I made an appointment for my wife and mother in law on Valentine's Day. They absolutely loved it! They said it was the best massage they have ever had, and the staff was awesome. I would highly recommend this place to everyone! You know what they say happy wife, happy life!!!!  Thank you for helping me score good points with the wife!!!"

~Adam B. 2/16/2017

"Best massage I ever had! Such a great first time experience with Ashley. She sure is tiny BUT fierce! Very professional and a great massage therapist. I already want to come back! The room and music were so relaxing I was ready to go to bed after I left. Thanks again! I will recommend this place to others :)"

~Bre J. 6/11/2018

"What I enjoy most is how each time I walk in it's so serene, and all the staff are extremely friendly. I would recommend anyone and everyone visit for a massage at least once, I guarantee you'll want to go back!"

~Chris Pizzolato 7/10/2018

"My husband and I did a couples massage and both of our masseuses (Angelica and Jaylan) were amazing! The best massage I've had so I would highly recommend. All the staff was friendly. We're just vacationing down here or else I would be a repeat customer."

~Brittany P. 8/24/2019

"This place gives a wonderful massage therapy experience. From the time you first enter the building, you feel relaxed. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I have not had a lot of experience in getting massages with the exception of several ten minute chair massages, so I wasn't too sure what to expect. Ashley made me feel very comfortable, safe, and relaxed. We had a brief discussion and began this wonderful experience. With soft music, dim lights, warm blankets, and various aromas, I was very relaxed, which I really didn't think was even possible. Thanks to Ashley for a great experience. 90 minutes sure went by too quick. Thanks again, Ashley. Definitely recommend and will return."

~Erik L. 7/29/2019

"Very personable and amazing. Quaint place. So relaxing and enjoyable Thai foot massage. I would highly recommend. Loved it."

~U-Knead-A Massage Inc. Client 2/2019

"My husband and I have been going to U-Knead-A Massage for 4 years now, when we are in the area. (We are snowbirds from the north.) The staff are great, the atmosphere soothing, and we have been quite satisfied with the massages. I always request therapist Ashley Love, who knows just how to get those kinks out. Jaylan is my husband's therapist; she is able to give more pressure to his sore spots. We always get a water and small candy afterward, or there is a choice of tea bags for those who wish hot tea. We highly recommend this business."

~Leslie Lam 7/2019

"I’ve been to this wonderful place a few times now and I always request Ashley. She is an amazing therapist and will always ask and listen if I have areas that need special attention. I was there yesterday with my best friend from out of town, and she had nothing but praise for Jaylen and how wonderful she felt afterwards. Minerva, the owner, has created a peaceful and calming environment and makes every person feel special. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else for a massage! Thank you Minerva and the U Knead A Massage family for being so amazing!"

~Devonna Williams 7/2019

"Excellent couples massage! Hands down one of the best I’ve ever had. It was my husbands second ever massage and he was much more relaxed here. We’ll make it a necessity when we are down here from now on! Thank you!"

~Jessica Douglas 9/21/2019

"Just recently had a massage with Angelica - amazing!!! She pinpointed all of my problem areas and I have felt so much better ever since." ~Haley Latham 4/28/2019

"Highly recommend. I feel so much better and I'm looking forward to my future visits. She was super cool. Pretty sure a hippie chick. Great vibe from her."

~Rickard Skinner 11/9/2019


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