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Treat your feet - 45 minutes/$55

 Starting off with a warm aromatherapy soak will begin to relax and prepare you for the treatment that follows. Foot and leg massage will start with pressure points followed by a wonderful mask from our skincare selection. We recommend a refreshing mint julep mask. Your legs and feet will then be wrapped in warm steamed towels and wrapped with blanket for insulation. As we work on one leg, the other will be wrapped. Once both are wrapped, we continue with the removal of the mask and onto the relaxing massage to finish off the session.


Cold Stone Therapy- 45 minutes/$55

 This 45 minute session can get a lot done in a short time. Cold marble stones are used in this amazingly effective treatment. These cooled smooth stones can also be used for the sinus pain and pressure due to allergies. The treatment is a revolutionary, natural and holistic approach to manage migraine and headache pain of all kinds. It may eliminate or dramatically reduce most headache symptoms. With the combination of cold stone therapy and aromatherapy it helps to decrease pain and blood vessel swelling, and increases muscle tone. It also promotes well-being, balance and harmony within the body.




-Sugar or salt scrub exfoliation $10
-Anti-ageing skin products $5
-Blackhead manual extraction $5
-Foot treatment with mask
(also adds 15 minutes to session) $20

**Available Wed-Saturday by appointment**

Love the Therapeutic Hot/Cold packs?

You can order your own on my website at along with some other hand-made items for yourself or your home! If you don't see an item you like, Send me a message and custom order your own color, shape, and size!

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